About Propane Consultants

Propane Consultants, LLC was created August 20, 2000 by Ken Matthews as a resource center for companies wanting to provide job specific training to their employees. Ken also visualized that these same companies may like to have the opportunity to have an independent consultant analyze their business for operation techniques, employee relations, employee and product safety, possible expansion financial analysis, compliance to Local, State, and Federal regulations, operational costs analysis, and most importantly provide an overview of profitability.

Ken has 40 plus years of experience working in the petroleum industry, this experience has been in the Fuel Oil, Propane Gas and Natural Gas retail and wholesale markets. Ken’s career started with his family Fuel Oil business in 1965 working in many positions ranging from a general helper, service technician, delivery driver, heating system estimator, service manager, fuel dispatcher, equipment sales, and top management positions with several of the larger national multi-state retailers in the United States.

Upon leaving Suburban Propane in the spring of 2005, Ken became actively involved in the training and education programs for many companies ranging in size from very small local operations to very large multi-state operators.

Propane Consultants, LLC has been extremely successful in offering quality training to hundreds of students utilizing nationally recognized programs such as the National Propane Gas Association training materials, especially the Certified Employee Training Program called “CETP” this program contains materials for study that are needed for certification and required in many jurisdictions to obtain a propane or natural gas operators license. In addition to classroom training we are available to conduct field evaluations and skills assessments.

Propane Consultants, LLC also offers training required by the Federal and State Public Utilities Commissions regulating gas distribution systems that are classified as “Jurisdictional Accounts”. This training includes “OQ” Operator Qualification training and certification for both propane and natural gas systems. Also offered is the complete “O&M” Operation and Maintenance program that includes on-site inspections, evaluation, leak testing, and reports. This information is compiled in a site specific manual to meet the requirements of the PUC. We also conduct the required annual inspections of these sites and provide updated reports.

Propane Consultants, LLC if fully Insured, Licensed and Certified in all aspects of our services.

If you think your company can benefit by using any of our services, please take the time and contact us so we can discuss your needs.

“Training doesn’t cost. IT PAYS”