Another Course Completed…

June 16-18 We completed our course in Augusta, Maine for “Applying Basic Electricity to Service Propane Appliances” book 7,  We had a full class that learned about the basics of electricity and how to read schematic drawings to assist in troubleshooting electrical problems with appliances. We had a hands-on multi-meter training session to show the various readings a technician should expect when using a multi-meter. On June 19th we had a full class for the State of Maine mandated “Natural Gas” training explaining the differences between propane and natural gas and how to perform fuel conversions for gas appliances.

Our next training session is: ” Propane Delivery” coming up July 13-17. covering books 2.2-2.4-2.5 see “CETP” training for more details and registration.

Propane Consultants adds New Division

Last summer we opened another division of Propane Consultants, LLC this new division is set up for the removal of under ground L.P.Tanks that are no longer in use because the owner has converted to another fuel or the tanks have been abandoned. We are set up to pump out the liquid propane then flare off the vapor and excavate to remove the unwanted tank(s). We return the ground to the original grade and cover with the same type of material that was there prior to excavating. We take care of permits and any other approvals that may be needed. To accommodate businesses we can perform this work nights and weekends. Give us a call if w can help you get rid of these unwanted L.P. Tanks.