Operations and Maintenance Training

Classroom_Training_OandMOperations and Maintenance Training is provided to the operators of propane bulk storage systems, this training incorporates information on how to successfully operate all the components of the propane bulk storage system plus the recommended maintenance of the; storage containers, transfer pumps and compressors, manual and automatic flow control valves and associated piping, emergency control devices “ESV’s and their functions. This training also contains information for loading and unloading bobtails and transport trucks at the propane bulk storage facility.

Operations and Maintenance Training is tailored to the individual propane bulk storage facility to provide the operators a complete understanding of the daily operations and the required scheduled maintenance required to be in compliance with NFPA 58.

This Operations and Maintenance Training program includes a complete on-site inspection of the propane bulk storage facility with documentation as to the equipment installed and a complete maintenance schedule, the information will be compiled into a booklet called the “O” & “M” Plan. The “O” & “M” Plan will include the annual inspection form and must be updated on an annual basis or whenever there has been modifications or changes to the piping or other equipment on-site.

The annual inspection reports should be maintained for the life of the propane bulk storage facility and the Operations and Maintenance Plan must be available on site at all times for use by the Federal, State and Local Authorities.

Propane consultants, LLC will meet with you to discuss your needs and provide you with an estimated cost to complete an Operations and Maintenance Plan for your facility. Please contact us for your free consultation and estimate.